www.wfdy.net > “附件是应聘人员的简历 请查收 谢谢” 这句话用英语怎么翻译

“附件是应聘人员的简历 请查收 谢谢” 这句话用英语怎么翻译

Attached is the resume of candidates, please check

我已经把资料放在附件里,请查收的英文:I have put the information in t

请查收邮件的英语: Please check your email; 请查收附件的英语: Pleas

1、“请查收附件”英语表达方式有三种,分别是: (1)Please find the attachm

Please refer to the attachment for verification pu

Attached please find quotation for your reference,

翻译:Please check the attached certificates. 希望帮到

附件报价单,烦请您查收的英文:Please check the attachment the quo


Pls check attached Commercial Invoice with revised


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