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obstruct (hamper, prevent) someone from doing something.妨碍某人做某事

distract sb from doing sth //// hinder sb from doing sth / hinder sb in sth

可以的 sb. get in the way of doing sth.

(用英语说)和on the team(在队里当队员)两种形式中,in和on表达的则是引申...hinder sb. from doing sth.(妨碍某人做某事)prohibit sb. from doing sth.(...

unit1 1 not at all --------------------一点也不 2 end up-------------------------最后 3 make mistakes------------------犯错误 4 later on-----------------------随后 5 be afraid to ------------------害怕 6 laugh at---------------...

block sb from doing sth 阻止某人做某事,妨碍某人干某事也行


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