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That is not your baseball

I can help tourists find their way. How can you help others? They all praised her for her hard work. Kitty can give her seat to old people. Both you and I work very hard.

can,she use her computer now?

How did you go to the zoo?

The students are going to an art museum tomorrow.

参考答案如下: 1. There was a reace last weekend. 2. She goes to work every day. 3. My father was at the grocer's last Wednesday. 4. He is painting the bookcase now. 5. The car was the winner last year. 助你愉快学习!

They will eat chocolate and eggs.

amy goes to school by bike.

1 it's time to go home. 2 She can do the dishes. 3 How many horses are there? 4 Who is your Chinese teacher? 5 what would you like for lunch on Fridays ? 6 I like fish because it is fresh.


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