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为您解答 He always shows us all the lovely roses he grows. 他总给我们大家看他种的可爱的玫瑰

1His mother is ill today。他的母亲今天病了。 2Here are some flowers for you.这里有些花给你。 3The boy has a bad cold.这男孩得了严重的感冒。 4Open your books,please.请打开你的书。 5What is wrong with you?你有什么麻烦?

Can't he write his name ? (1) 他不能写他的名字吗? (2) 他不会写他的名字吗? He can't write his name. (1) 他不能写他的名字. (2) 他不会写他的名字。 这里(1) 的 can't 是 不能,也就是说,他不是不会写,而是出于某种原因,不能够写。 某...

what's her name 她叫什么名字是

1. Can I help you? 我能为你做些什么? 2. When are you going?你什么时候去? 3. What are you going to do tomorrow?你明天打算做什么? 4. I’m going to visit grandparents. 我要去看望祖父母。 5. It is next to the hospital. 它紧邻医院...

1:country,what,this,is What is this country? 这是哪个国家? 2:are,ready,quiz,a,for,you Are you readly for a quiz? 你准备好考试了吗? 【英语牛人团】倾情奉献,可追问,满意请记得采纳哦,谢谢啦!

She is a TV reporter. 她是一个电视台记者 What does your father do ?你爸爸是做什么的? I am going to be an artist. 我打算当一名艺术家 How does she go to HongKong ?她怎样去香港

what is this 这是什么

can i help you?我能为您做什么? i want five red apples我要五个红苹果 the shirt is colourful这件衬衫是彩色的 look at that pretty bag看那个漂亮的包 how much is that colourful dress?那条彩色的裙子多少钱?

1.Do you eat junk food very often? 你经常吃垃圾食物吗? 2.How vegetables do you eat often? 你常吃些什么样的蔬菜? 3.How was your school trip? 你的学校旅行过得怎么样? 4.The students had a great school trip. 同学们的过了一个很棒...


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