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美丽心情歌词 翻译成英语

Beautiful Mood Sing: ruru Rainy winter finally in the past The clear light blue sky, twilight I am fresh in the early spring sunshine Watching time I was writing the diary Feelings of love, I was shown the original beauty of Li...

1.beautiful mood 2.beautiful mind 3.beautiful spirit 4.beautiful temper 5.beautiful feeling 6.若为本多Ruru主打歌,则为My Beautiful Mind,或译为Her Beautiful Mind 供参

这些都是我搜集的外文中文翻唱的 个人比较喜欢 你可以去听看看. 《more than love》- sweetbox 《我爱你》- SHE 《that night》- sweetbox 《爱呢》- SHE 《browneyes》- sweetbox 《恋人未满》- SHE 《好人》- kiroro 《记得要忘记》- SHE 《su...

您好,你的问题很简单。 原句:我参加英语俱乐部,每天下午我去那。 翻译:I joined the English Club and I go there in the afternoon every day. 希望能够帮到你,望楼主采纳!


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