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Project Hope is an education program to help students. Project Hope has raised 8.73 billion yuan by 2012;with this money, it has aided 4.5 million children to go to schools and it has built 18002 Hope Primary Schools. The impor...

31-33 DAA

19.the more,the more

1 Unluckily 2 lost 3 strangers 4 helpless 5 anywhere 6 stopped 7 usual 8 steps 9 waiting 10 surprised

1.C their 后面有exam考试,前面要有形容词性物主代词,这里面只能是their 2.B by 乘坐交通工具,是用by,而且后面还有提示by car 3.D return home 看爸爸妈妈当然是回家了 4.A best 因为后面有of the year,指的是一年里。根据后面的描述,天气...

第一题问英语演讲比赛什么时候召开,最上提示会在June六月举行Date:June 16th(第二行) 第二题问的演讲比赛主题(第五行)The future life未来生活 第三题问获得三等奖拿什么奖励100刀书店的代金券 第四题问你如果对竞赛感兴趣你会娶干嘛(要参...

A→is C→his B→are A→is A→Her


61 the 62 determination 63 into 64 chosen 65 differences 66 have decided 67 whether 68 thoroughly 69 further 70 are recognized 改错追答

2.is good at 3.took part in 4.will be 5.stand for 6.is good at 7. became/get excited


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