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I can arrange an appointment. How perfect it is! I have broken my leg. The wind is whispering. I gave him a present and a hug.


35:3 36:1 37:3 38:4 39:1 40:3 41:4 42:3 43:3 44:4 45:3 46:1 47:3 48:1 49:1 50:2

怎样从体育馆走去图书馆 Go along the Xinhua Street, turn left at the second crossing, the library is located at the cross of Lianhua Road and Haimen Street. 怎样从银行去医院 Go along the Xinhua Street,turn right at the second ...

3.Yes,they do. 4.takes a train 5.takes to get 6.doesn't ride 7.How long 8.How far

歌手:Carpenters 发行时间:2000-01-17 所属专辑:《Singles 1969-1981》 Carpenters - Yesterday Once More(昨日重现) When I was young I'd listen to the radio当我年轻时, 常听收音机, Waitin' for my favorite songs 等待心爱的歌曲。 W...


第二个吧。 第一个表明她很紧张微波炉里的蛋糕 第三个表示她心里还是想着蛋糕这件事的 第四个的反应表明她立马更正了失误 只有第二个的反应比较淡定。另外这个貌似以老友记的Mon为原型的啊

15.He asked the great king for freedom.(第二段段首) 16.Too much texting can cause swelling in our thumbs and wrists. (第一段第二行感叹号后边那句)


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