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如何评价作品night DrivE


DRIVE ALL NIGHT Bruce Springsteen: DRIVE ALL NIGHT 艺术家:Bruce Springsteen Album:River Title:DRIVE ALL NIGHT DRIVE ALL NIGHT Lyrics When I lost you honey sometimes I think I lost my guts too And I wish God would send me a word...

歌曲名:Night Drive 歌手:The All-American Rejects 专辑:Move Along I know you so better than the city in the rear view I drive to eliminate the ball that I'm chained to Take me break me every mile further there's a part of me tha...

O__O "… 楼主,你为什么要这样,我突然想起这首歌了!但是我也记不清歌词和歌名,我已经把歌单翻了好多遍了。蓝瘦,记得旋律记不起歌名。逼死强迫症啊!!!!!不活啦

歌曲名:That Night 歌手:Euclid Drive 专辑:Love It Sweetbox-That Night That night By your side I cried One night in late July I saw you cross the room Then you asked me for a dance and I could hardly move (yeah) I`d never been so...


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