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鍬咎泌和 厘議社舐佗俊佶掲械胆洗. There are mountains and water in my hometown. It is very beautiful.

厘議社舍残衙勅抄失榁 鍬咎頁 My hometown is beautiful all the year round

ふるさとの類巒は弌さな、とてもきれいな隨です。ここには、表?と畢爽を非す、蒙艶な寒があります。貧送の邦が仔弼いなのに、和送の邦が駄弼に需えます。類巒の廖み繁器は伉仇よい晩?を狛ごしています。暴たちにとっては、焼促(ジュウ ロウ)の...

^厘議社膾鹵耜侑思表念中嗤匯訳采珊嗤載謹峯掲械働疏厘載浪散万1 "There is a mountain behind my home, in front of a river, there are a lot of trees, very beautiful, I love it!"

My hometown is small, but very beautiful, is a specialty of GuiPing yam and so on, and lots more


壓厘議社,晩云,胆洗議咤雑峯和,嗤匯倖胆洗議握秤絞並! 晩囂宰修旅圃_では、晩云、胆しい@の直は、胆しい握の麗囂があります 哂囂Where I'm from, Japan, beautiful cherry tree, there is a beautiful love story!

My hometown is (very/really/rather/extraordinarily) beautiful/picturesque.

厘社舐亳嶽光劔挫郭議挫螺議 My hometown has all sorts of delicious fun

厘錬李厘議社舂汗棺氏厚胆挫 I hope my hometown will be better in the future


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