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翻译如下 我的家乡有山有水,非常美丽. There are mountains and water in my hometown. It is very beautiful.

我的家乡一年四季都很美 翻译是: My hometown is beautiful all the year round

My hometown used to be a beautiful place, but not it's full of sewage rivers.


“我的家乡后面有一座山,前面有一条河,还有很多树,非常漂亮,我很喜欢它1 "There is a mountain behind my home, in front of a river, there are a lot of trees, very beautiful, I love it!"

在我的家乡,日本,美丽的樱花树下,有一个美丽的爱情故事! 日语:私の故郷では、日本、美しい桜の木は、美しい爱の物语があります! 英语:Where I'm from, Japan, beautiful cherry tree, there is a beautiful love story!

My hometown is a beautiful place ,there are a lot of high buidings and beautiful beaches ,the streets are wide and clean ,I like my hometown very much !

我的家乡位于中国浙江 翻译是: My hometown is located in Zhejiang, China

My hometown is located in a small mountainvillage. It is not a flourishing city, but it has fresh air and is not noisy. Although it is not ..., I am deeply sentimentalli attached to it.

My hometown is in the stone slope, this is a beautiful town.


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