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I am a boy.

1.I am happy.

am: I am a student. I am doing my homework. I am looking forward to going to have a dinner. I am a girl. I am going to my school. is: He is my friend. She is a nice girl. It is my cat. My home is near yours. This is my classm...

I am a boy

They /we are friends他们/我们是朋友 I am a boy.我是一个男孩 He/she is a student. 他/她是一名学生 It is a cat. 它是一只猫 -------------如有帮助请采纳, 感谢对我们的支持,如对本题有疑问可追问,谢谢。

1.I am always asked questions by him. 2.Rice is grown in South China. 3.Trees are planted in spring . 【俊狼猎英】团队为您解答。

I am a student

I am a teacher.改为一般疑问句:Are you a teacher? 肯定回答:Yes ,I am 否定回答:No ,I'm not. He is a teacher.改为一般疑问句:Is he a teacher ? 肯定回答:Yes ,he is 否定回答:No ,he isn't. They are boys.改为一般疑问句:Are the...

I am watching TV now.I am working in the factory. He is watering the flowers.Is she playing football? What are you doing?They are eating dinner.

下面是一个不规则动词的原形,过去式,过去分词分类的变化,我们希望能帮助您。 类型[AAA]: 成本费用成本削减 剪剪 放放放 读读读 - 设为设定集 拒之门外拒之门外关闭 撞撞撞 伤伤伤 让让让 类型[ABB]: (原型→奥特/应该→奥特/应) *抓抓抓 *...


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