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I am a student. I am a child. I am doing my homework. It's at 7:00 a.m.(am是上午的意思) I am listening AM 792.(am收音机频道) I am swimming. I am ten.(我十岁了) I am very happy.(我非常高兴) I am late.(我晚了) I am his freind. ...

I am a student. He is a student,too. We are students.

I am a teacher. He is a student. We are good friends.

I am looking for my watch. &水仙梦儿ご 2010-05-15 I am watching TV now. I am working in the factory. He is watering the flowers. Is she playing football? What are you doing? They are eating dinner.

I am a girl.

1.I am happy.

I am from China. He is a student. They are apples.

am: I am a student. I am doing my homework. I am looking forward to going to have a dinner. I am a girl. I am going to my school. is: He is my friend. She is a nice girl. It is my cat. My home is near yours. This is my classm...

He is a bus driver. ----- He was a bus driver. I am a student. ---- I was a student. They are basketball players. ---- They were basketball players.

They /we are friends他们/我们是朋友 I am a boy.我是一个男孩 He/she is a student. 他/她是一名学生 It is a cat. 它是一只猫 -------------如有帮助请采纳, 感谢对我们的支持,如对本题有疑问可追问,谢谢。


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