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有一首英文歌节奏比较快, 高潮部分是 喂卡喂卡喂...

孙丹菲【Queen】 http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/lryCwmr-25o/


能多一点提示么... 很多歌都差不多这样吧 = = 知道鸟... 不会是 Here with you 吧 Asher Monroe 的

《Waiting》 Beyonce Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, ooh [x2] It's 6 o'clock and seconds feel like hours as I sit here and watch them tick away And just the thought of seeing you again I wanna say I've been longin for this d...

I dont know what you said,can you tell me in detail

是Matt Willis的《Crash》。

young London - broken

就是,l miss you 你说这句歌词前面是不是带baby baby这俩单词

kesha的 we are who we are 看看是不是

make it up——Sam Tsui???


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