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“很抱歉给您带来的不便” 1、I'm sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. 2、Sorry for bringing you inconvenience. 3、Sorry for inconveniencing you. 4、Sorry to bring trouble to you. 5、I'm sorry to bother you. 6、I apologize fo...

不用谢,这是我应该做的英文翻译是 You're welcome. This is what I should do. 重点词汇 you're welcome 不用客气 扩展例句1、You're welcome. I'm glad we're finally finished. 不客气,很高兴我们总算完成了。 2、You're welcome. I wish I ...

英语: 1) Go your own way, never mind what others say. 2) Be yourself. Don't care what others say.

你若一直在,我便一直爱. I will always love you as long as you are here with me. 这里 as long as 借鉴 后街男孩的歌曲《as long as you love me》

是用一般将来时的。句子里面没有用其他时态的特征 传递/转达消息:一般用pass the message to sb. 当然,像deliver,send,convey 等单词都可表示“传递”的意思,但是deliver,send与convey 一般用于实物传递,而 且send 这个词的意思也有待商榷...

I don't understand 或者 I can't understand 都可以。

Spring Festival is the day of family reunion(春节是家人团聚的日子。) The Spring Festival is a time for family reunions and feasts.(春节是一家人团聚欢宴的日子。) All the people who works far from home will come back and have...

There is beauty, heartbreaking beauty, everywhere. -- Edward Abbey “美到令人心碎”这个表述本来就是从英语翻译过来的,再直译回去就行,"heartbreakingly beautiful"。换用"breathtakingly beautiful"也是可以的

Chengdu is a city where you do not want to leave once you come where引导的是状语从句 有什么不明白可以继续问,随时在线等。 如果我的回答对你有帮助,请及时选为满意答案,谢谢~~


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