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这是省略的说法,常常用于短信、电报、广告等文体中通常省略助动词或联系动词be和冠词,只留下核心词汇。全句: the package is delivered. The package has been delivered. 类似例子: house to let, suitable for family, no children prefer...

很高兴为你解答。 Out for delivery 外出投递 Delivered 投递成功 ,海淘一定要多多加强外语学习。

be delivered in 交付 双语例句 1 We were told the pizza would be delivered in 20 minutes. 我们被告知比萨饼20分钟后送到。 2 Pledges and commitments made to Africa should be delivered in a timely manner and at a much faster pace. ...

actual deliveried quantity 实际交付的数量 quantity 量 actual deliveried 实际交货


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