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From Birth to DEAth是什么意思

from birth to death 从出生到死亡 例句: 1. Life is a short journey from birth to death. 从生到死,生命是一段短暂的旅程。 2. Life is a journey from birth to death. 人生就是一次从生到死的旅程。

How far from birth to death is in the length of our breath How far from confusion to consciousness When comes a sudden chance How far from love to hate You can't anticipate How far from then or now When laughter spreads somewhe...

翻译:人生从生到死 但是生死之间有什么呢 有选择 当你有选择的时候,要选择最好的 当没得选的时候,要做到最好。

I owe the world a death from birth. 意思是: 你欠世界一个从生至死。 owe 动词,发音:/ əʊ ; o /英 / əʊ / 释义: to need to pay someone for something that they have done for you or sold to you, or to need to g...


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