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going plACEs是什么意思?

看看下面的例句。翻译是讲究上下文语境的。意思有时候翻译出来不一样哦。 I don't have money to go places. 我没有钱到处旅行。 Once I'm qualified in my profession I intend to go places. 一旦我有资格从事自己的职业,我就想获得成功。

You are going places 你前途无量 双语对照 例句: 1. What places are you going to visit this summer? 今年暑假你会去哪参观? 2. What places are you going to visit this time? 这次您想到哪些地方去? 3. You're likely going to be placi...

你好! Going places 去的地方

see sb. doing sth.看见某人做某事,going places现在分词作宾语补足语

不是的,这句话是用来抬举人的, 意思是:你的事业正如日中天! 例:Two young people who are really going places 两个事业顺利的年轻人 A young executive who is clearly going places. 一个十分有望成功的年轻主管

going to different places 去不同的地方 双语例句 1 I'm not that adventurous type of person but I love going to different places and Idream of travelling around the world. 我算不上非常爱冒险的人,但是我的梦想是到世界各地旅行。 2 ...

She's going to places. 中文翻译如下: 她要去一些地方。 重点词汇释义: places n. 地方; 位( place的名词复数 ); 职位; 座位; [例句]He's been to a great many places. 他到过的地方多了去了。 [其他] 原型: place

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