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how to instAll wEChAt in ChinA?

如何在中国安装微信吗? 拼音 双语对照 排序 重点词汇 重点词汇 how to操作方式 install安装; 安顿,安置; 任命; 使…正式就职 wechat微信

u = you Do you use wechat? 意思是:你用微信吗?

im here!

Applications of Mobile Social Media: WeChat Among Academic Libraries in China 移动社交媒体的应用:在中国高校图书馆中的微信 满意的话请点击“满意”【采纳】

i don't use wechat alot i don't sell to chinese customers

chinese wechat girls 中国微信的女孩 WeChat是海外版微信的称呼,4.0 版本推出后,英文版的微信将正式改名为WeChat,同时还会有部分针对海外使用者的功能更新。消息称微信正在内部测试下一个版本4.0,可能开放API与Facebook打通。


WeChat, known as Weixin in china, is amobile phone text and voice messaging communication service which is developedby Tencent. Users can access it across a variety of platforms includingAndroid, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Pho...

iphone 里的应用的确是叫 WeChat~ 然后我在网上搜了一下、 英语介绍: WeChat (Chinese: 微信; pinyin: Wēixìn; literally \"tiny message\") is a mobile phone text and voice messaging communication service developed by Tencent in Chin...

很开心有你的微信。 Glad开心,欣慰。 to have 拥有。 your你的 Wechat 微信


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