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There was a man who had a little boy that he loved very much. Everyday after work the man would come home and play with the little boy. He would always spend all of his extra time playing with the little boy. One night, while t...

英文原文: little boy 英式音标: [ˈlɪt(ə)l] [bɒɪ] 美式音标: [ˈlɪtl] [bɔɪ]

gala - young for you

Man: This morning I’m talking with a very generous young man, Jimmy the Bike Boy. Jimmy is the boy who fixes up old bikes and gives ...

一位老人独自住在他的老屋子。他几乎不出门.他不想与他人沟通。 一天一个卖杂志的小朋友敲他的门.门缓缓打开,一个小男孩。“呃,先生,你想买一本杂志吗?“ ...

you littleboy 你的小男孩 you littleboy 你的小男孩


Thel ittle boy has kept this book for two days. 英译汉:小男孩保管这本书已经有两天了!


他什么时候去过这个公园 When did he go to the park? whenhewasalittleboy 在他小的时候


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